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I used to write a letter to Aiden every month when he was a baby. If you want to read them (or what’s left after I accidentally screwed something up and lost a lot of the posts along the way) you can read the archives here. When Aiden turned three I wanted to do something different than the letters but I never came up with a good idea. So, this is it. Hope you enjoy the read and I’ll try to write them as frequently as I can.

You guys, I’m a mother of a four and a half year old human being. This is insane! My little guy is a fully functioning person. He knows what he likes and doesn’t like, he knows what foods are the bomb and where they come from, he has preferences on so many things that I can’t just give him something to eat and expect him to start shoveling it in his mouth. Everything presented to him needs examination and approval for his consumption. This is wonderful and stressful all at the same time.

Aiden is very inquisitive. He asks so many questions like what a word means, or why something works a certain way, or why some people act the way they do. I like his curiosty because most of the time I’m able to explain the concept in a way he’d understand. Unless he asks me how magnets work, which I uh, had to ask Google for help. A lot of information you tell him he retains and it’s so impressive when he can regurgitate that information like he’s known it for years.


How am I doing? (more…)

If you guessed that I’m probably sitting at home drinking a glass of wine and binge-watching something on Netflix, you’re right. Since I’m here and probably the most exciting my night will ever get, I’m going lay out all my thoughts and weird character traits that I feel the need to admit to you.

  • Since having a kid I realized that I have no patience for repetitive actions, especially noises. That shiz drives me up the wall.
  • I really suck as supportive friend when it comes to all those freelance business ventures. Sorry, I can’t come to your party to buy stuff because I’m broke. I don’t use enough makeup to keep going to Avon/Mary Kay parties (related- I have a Julep account but I’ve skipped every month this year), I don’t wear a lot of jewelry so I can’t keep going to the Lia Sophia parties (related- I have a JewelMint account but I’ve skipped almost every month this year and bought one necklace), and personalized totes are cute but I honestly can’t come to your online party for Thirty-One Gifts. If it ain’t marked down on a shelf in TJ Maxx, I can’t go through with this transaction.

    …though I’m actually in need of some plastic food storage containers. Does anyone still do Tupperware parties? (related- I use Chinese food take-out boxes)

  • I enjoy a good omelet in the middle of the night.
  • I like the many fruity flavors of bubble tea but I don’t like the tapioca balls.
  • I’ve been wearing the same pair of shorts at home for the last few weeks. It’s summer, man.


And now for something completely different.

Pip over at Meet me at Mike’s started posting this list describing everything she was seeing/hearing/listening to/consuming at the moment. It reminded me of my old Facebook statuses and AIM away messages where I’d post a one-liner about what I’m doing or what took me away from the computer (I think I just dated myself by referencing AOL Instant Messenger). I’m sure most people didn’t care what exactly I was doing but I still told everything anyways. Now I feel the need to do it again. So if by chance you’re wondering what I’ve been doing lately, here’s a list!

Making: A wall hanging. Have you ever weaved before?
Cooking: Rice
Drinking: Iced Coffee
Reading: Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close
Wanting: New bedsheets
Looking: at new-to-me artwork!
Playing: Candy Crush, sadly
Wasting: time on Facebook
Sewing: an apron with an old summer dress
Wishing: there were more hours in the day
Enjoying: The Mind of a Chef, season 1
Waiting: for a phone call that’ll dictate our near future
Liking: the iced Americano with caramel syrup my friend made for me
Wondering: why some things are happening in the world
Loving: my family. you knew i’d say something mushy.
Hoping: for that one phone call will bring good news
Marvelling: at how skilled and talented some people are in creative fields
Needing: gas for my car, always
Smelling: nothing. stuffy nose.
Wearing: red, white, and blue. ‘MURRICA!
Following: anything and everything #Ferguson
Noticing: nothing new, I’ve been stuck in a routine lately
Knowing: a new coffee shop is about to open nearby and am excited about it
Thinking: I want to start a creative business one day
Feeling: antsy
Bookmarking: The Eyeglass Lass
Giggling: at a conversation with my friend that took a weird turn
Feeling: as good as it gets


Grand Tarantula is a band based out of San Diego. The frontman, Jordan, was one of my classmates back in the mid 1990s. I even have photos of him from 8th grade but I won’t show those because he’s obviously a lot cooler looking now. One of my fondest memories was of him singing and playing in his own band, and they played a gig at our 8th grade dance. You could tell at a young age he loved making music and I’m so excited to see him still making music today. If you must know, Jordan was probably one of the first “rock stars” I had a crush on. I have a thing for guitar players.

Grand Tarantula has a new album coming out on September 7th entitled Slime Times, and here’s one of the tracks from the EP, “Freaks”:

If you’re in or near the San Diego area they’ve got some gigs you can attend as soon as tonight. You could even buy Jordan a congratulatory Mexican beer afterwards. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

[ images via Facebook andSan Diego Reader ]


Do you remember the Elton John song “I Want Love“? From 2001? It was one of those songs that I memorized all the lyrics to.

I want love on my own terms
After everything I’ve ever learned
Me, I carry too much baggage
Oh man I’ve seen so much traffic

I sang those lyrics in 2001 like I knew exactly what Elton was feeling. I sang those lyrics as a girl who had yet to go on her first date with a guy. And I was in my first year of college. I’ll let that stew in your mind for a while.

I loved this song so much, 5 years after the single was released, I bought the Songs from the West Coast album just to put the one song on repeat in my car. I never actually listened to the other tracks. I’m pretty sure I was so obsessed with this song that I probably ugly cried at least once while singing along to it. Can we say, lonely cat lady status? I’m not even going to tell you how many of my single years I spent having quality time with the Golden Girls every night before bed. It’d be too much for you right now.

More importantly now, do you remember this video?

Let’s talk about it. I probably watched it every morning that it aired on VH1’s morning music block. Let’s all look at Robert Downey Jr. This was before he took on mega super celebrity status with Iron Man. What I would’ve given to walk up behind Robert Downey Jr. to “hug” him. I’d place both of my palms on his butt cheeks just because it’s there for the taking. Let’s study his face. That wonderfully sculpted bone structure is what my dreams are made of. Where are you going, Robert? Singing the next verse in a different room? Okay, I’ll follow you. Look at him being all vulnerable and wanting love. I’m what you want! I’m right here! I have that love you want!


Fast forward to the present. Robert Downey Jr. is now 49. I’d still have his baby.

Oh wait, denied. Disregard my last comment.

Thanks for reading about my short-lived Robert Downey Jr. obsession.

And now I redirect you to this Elton John-related link: How to listen to Elton John’s Greatest Hits, in ten easy steps

[ Video screenshots via Crushable and Medium ]