To Inspire You


Mindy puts it simply: to be remembered as a kind person, and having a bag named after you is a big plus. If you’re a big fan of the wardrobe on The Mindy Project, this Guide to Wearing Prints like Mindy Kaling by WhoWhatWear pulled together some good outfits using prints that Mindy Wore in the show. I’m a person who relies on solid colors for most of my wardrobe, so the prints I see Mindy wear is a breath of fresh air.

Usually I like to start my week off with party songs. I’m probably one of the few people who still listens to a little bit of dub step once in a while. ;) Today I’m more of in a chill mood, but a good motivating chill. Here’s a track by James Blake:

Go get ‘em, Tigers! Let the fresh air put some spring in your step this week. :D

One Point for Lorde

Whether or not you’re a fan of Lorde’s music, you gotta give her credit for what the youngin’s these days call being real. Even though she’s a musician, she doesn’t have to do anything else other than perform her music and get paid. I appreciate that she cares enough to address issues like the unnecessary Photoshopping of images of hers.

It’s acne. We all have it at some point in our lives, right? No biggie.

(psst! did you watch those Postmodern Jukebox videos with Puddles the Clown covering the Lorde tracks? They’re amaaaaaaazing)

Geeking Out for a Minute

Have you seen this? Jelani Eddington plays the Main Title from the Star Wars Symphonic Suite at the 5/80 Sanfilippo Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ in Barrington, Illinois. While the track was originally recorded with a full orchestra, this man can play all the parts with his hands and feet. It’s beyond remarkable.

I’m a big fan of instruments that are traditionally played for one genre of music but switched up to play something totally different. I love when jazz/blues bands play pop and rock songs in a more jazzy style. If you know me in real life you know I fell head over heels for Postmodern Jukebox. (you’ve got to hear Puddles the clown.) When I lived at my mom’s house and had the house to myself (I’d never do it with an audience, sometimes I made sure my cat was in a different room) I’d jump on the piano and jam out to Britney Spears in the style of a lounge singer. It was fun.

Watch more videos of Mr. Eddington on the organ here.

The Week in Instagram


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I didn’t do a Week in Instagram last week. So, two weeks in one this time!

Row 1 – Supporting others wherever I can. TOMS now sells coffee. For every bag of coffee purchased, they’ll provide one week of clean water to someone in need. / Work shenanigans.
Row 2 – When I planned to go out with my sister after work last week I couldn’t figure out my day-to-night accessory situation in the morning so I grabbed some clutches and jewelry to figure it out at my lunch break. / I heard 90s trends, including overalls are this season’s trends. Between me and him, my four year old can only pull it off.
Row 3 – Our bedroom is working double duty as a place to sleep and as a rehearsal room. I go in there to work on choral music and Adam goes in there to work on his music. The next time I vacuum in there I’ll have to look out for rogue guitar picks. / Aaaaand if you’re strangely curious about other people’s belongings, Roo started up an Instagram hashtag #heylookinmybag where everyone can share the contents of the bags they carry. Here’s my I don’t have a kid with me right now bag. The with kid bag is usually a huge tote bag with assorted snacks, water bottles, and clean briefs just in case.

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Have a good weekend, my friends!

To Inspire You

We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;—
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.
Arthur O’Shaughnessy

The Week in Instagram

Row 1 – A curling iron incident that happened to me for the first time. I got some strands of hair stuck between the barrel and the flippy clip part. Needless to say I pulled those strands out quick because I was afraid of smelling burnt hair if I took longer than 30 seconds to do it. / I may have reverted back to my college days by putting this Marimekko scarf on the wall with just poster tape, but I’m eager to cover all our walls with art work of any kind. It feels more like a home when the walls are dressed up. I might make a “frame” with some gold glitter washi tape I have.
Row 2 – Some days I carry books with me. You never know when you have to sit and wait for something. I’d like to note that I also have e-books on my iPhone if I don’t carry hardcovers in my tote. / I finally unwrapped and hung (right above the club chair, actually) a piece of artwork that Adam got last Summer. You can’t see it, but the subject in the forest scene looks like Little Red Riding Hood.
Row 3 – Morning snuggles with my little love bug / My butt groove in the chair at work. I sit for long periods of time. I make up for it by doing jumping jacks during my lunch break.

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Have a good weekend, beautiful people!