Taking Stock


And now for something completely different.

Pip over at Meet me at Mike’s started posting this list describing everything she was seeing/hearing/listening to/consuming at the moment. It reminded me of my old Facebook statuses and AIM away messages where I’d post a one-liner about what I’m doing or what took me away from the computer (I think I just dated myself by referencing AOL Instant Messenger). I’m sure most people didn’t care what exactly I was doing but I still told everything anyways. Now I feel the need to do it again. So if by chance you’re wondering what I’ve been doing lately, here’s a list!

Making: A wall hanging. Have you ever weaved before?
Cooking: Rice
Drinking: Iced Coffee
Reading: Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close
Wanting: New bedsheets
Looking: at new-to-me artwork!
Playing: Candy Crush, sadly
Wasting: time on Facebook
Sewing: an apron with an old summer dress
Wishing: there were more hours in the day
Enjoying: The Mind of a Chef, season 1
Waiting: for a phone call that’ll dictate our near future
Liking: the iced Americano with caramel syrup my friend made for me
Wondering: why some things are happening in the world
Loving: my family. you knew i’d say something mushy.
Hoping: for that one phone call will bring good news
Marvelling: at how skilled and talented some people are in creative fields
Needing: gas for my car, always
Smelling: nothing. stuffy nose.
Wearing: red, white, and blue. ‘MURRICA!
Following: anything and everything #Ferguson
Noticing: nothing new, I’ve been stuck in a routine lately
Knowing: a new coffee shop is about to open nearby and am excited about it
Thinking: I want to start a creative business one day
Feeling: antsy
Bookmarking: The Eyeglass Lass
Giggling: at a conversation with my friend that took a weird turn
Feeling: as good as it gets

I’m Digging: Grand Tarantula


Grand Tarantula is a band based out of San Diego. The frontman, Jordan, was one of my classmates back in the mid 1990s. I even have photos of him from 8th grade but I won’t show those because he’s obviously a lot cooler looking now. One of my fondest memories was of him singing and playing in his own band, and they played a gig at our 8th grade dance. You could tell at a young age he loved making music and I’m so excited to see him still making music today. If you must know, Jordan was probably one of the first “rock stars” I had a crush on. I have a thing for guitar players.

Grand Tarantula has a new album coming out on September 7th entitled Slime Times, and here’s one of the tracks from the EP, “Freaks”:

If you’re in or near the San Diego area they’ve got some gigs you can attend as soon as tonight. You could even buy Jordan a congratulatory Mexican beer afterwards. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

[ images via Facebook andSan Diego Reader ]

Saturday Night Confessions Re: Elton John and Robert Downey Jr.


Do you remember the Elton John song “I Want Love“? From 2001? It was one of those songs that I memorized all the lyrics to.

I want love on my own terms
After everything I’ve ever learned
Me, I carry too much baggage
Oh man I’ve seen so much traffic

I sang those lyrics in 2001 like I knew exactly what Elton was feeling. I sang those lyrics as a girl who had yet to go on her first date with a guy. And I was in my first year of college. I’ll let that stew in your mind for a while.

I loved this song so much, 5 years after the single was released, I bought the Songs from the West Coast album just to put the one song on repeat in my car. I never actually listened to the other tracks. I’m pretty sure I was so obsessed with this song that I probably ugly cried at least once while singing along to it. Can we say, lonely cat lady status? I’m not even going to tell you how many of my single years I spent having quality time with the Golden Girls every night before bed. It’d be too much for you right now.

More importantly now, do you remember this video?

Let’s talk about it. I probably watched it every morning that it aired on VH1′s morning music block. Let’s all look at Robert Downey Jr. This was before he took on mega super celebrity status with Iron Man. What I would’ve given to walk up behind Robert Downey Jr. to “hug” him. I’d place both of my palms on his butt cheeks just because it’s there for the taking. Let’s study his face. That wonderfully sculpted bone structure is what my dreams are made of. Where are you going, Robert? Singing the next verse in a different room? Okay, I’ll follow you. Look at him being all vulnerable and wanting love. I’m what you want! I’m right here! I have that love you want!


Fast forward to the present. Robert Downey Jr. is now 49. I’d still have his baby.

Oh wait, denied. Disregard my last comment.

Thanks for reading about my short-lived Robert Downey Jr. obsession.

And now I redirect you to this Elton John-related link: How to listen to Elton John’s Greatest Hits, in ten easy steps

[ Video screenshots via Crushable and Medium ]

Make It: July 4th Banner Necklace

I’m a fan of banners/bunting, tissue paper, and cute jewelry. Never at the same exact time, so this is a first. I thought it would be cute and funny to make a Fourth of July banner necklace out of tissue paper. It’s a way of being patriotic without being obtrusive to the eyes. Want to know how to make one? Here it goes!

Materials you’ll need:
- tissue paper: one sheet each of red, white, and blue
- glue stick or glue dots or your choice of adhesive
- string
- scissors

1.) Cut out your banner pieces, two of each color (but you can cut more or less). I cut out diamond shapes about 2 inches high and 1 inch wide. What I did was layer the sheets on top of each other and cut a 2 inch by 6 inch section and folded it in half lengthwise. Then I measured and made pen marks every 1 inch on the folded edge and on the opposite edge I made pen marks at the half inch mark in between those 1 inch marks. Then I drew lines to make triangles and cut those pieces out.

2.) Cut a piece of string. The length is your decision, but I cut about 20 inches so I can cut it down to where I’d like it to hang.

3.) Lay the banner pieces out on a flat surface and line them up in a red/white/blue configuration. Place the string/necklace down across the middle of the pieces. If you need to protect your surface from getting glue on it you can do this step on a sheet of newspaper. Feel free to arrange the pieces in a way that you like, with or without space in between the pieces.

4.) One piece at a time, place a drop of glue or swipe the glue stick over the bottom half, then fold the top half down over the string so you end up with a triangular piece. Make sure to get some glue on the string so the pieces won’t move around while you’re wearing it. Wait for the glue to dry.

5.) Personalize it- you can add embellishments if you want. If not, tie it around your neck and start those July 4th festivities!


And just for laughs, here’s my stock photo-photo, entitled happy girl using smartphone.


Let me know if you make one for yourself. Post it on Instagram or Twitter and tag @ermabasila so I can see!

To Inspire You

Inspire - be awesome today

If you follow certain people on Instagram, especially if you’re attracted to nice looking images, you’ll end up following people in creative fields. At one point I ended up following a lot of calligraphers. Now I’m obsessed and am learning to write calligraphy. I picked up a started kit and a bottle of India ink at my local craft store and I’ve been practicing. I’m doing pretty good, I think. It probably helps that I write cursive decently, and that was half my battle. This week’s inspirational message is short and simple.

Also, a friend sent me a link to video of a person demonstrating different pen nibs and inks. Apparently some people are able to experience an autonomous sensory meridian response while watching a video like this. Are any parts of your body tingling?

Break Out Those Summer Clothes Already

Erma's Summer Outfit

Have you switched out your Winter clothes for all your warm-weather clothing? If you haven’t, well, you should. It’s officially Summer in these parts. I’ll tell you what, I’ll be living in those shorts and sandals for the next three months. It’s shorts, skirts, and dresses from here on out.

Here’s something that’s TMI: I finally shaved my legs for the first time this year(!) a few days ago. After a long and harsh winter I didn’t want to lose any “insulation” until it was absolutely necessary. Luckily for me even if I don’t shave, my leg hair is fine enough that when it grows out to to full length (about 1/4 inch) you still don’t really see leg hair unless your face is right in front of my leg.

And here’s another tidbit: I don’t really have any armpit hair. There’s a few fine strands that grow because I tried plucking them as a teenager and they kept growing in. Other than that it’s smooth under my guns.

I’m so glad we’ve reached this point in our friendship that I can tell you these things.

If you’re curious, here’s where I got all of the clothes in the photo, but I warn you that my wardrobe is wayyyy past season so if you want these exact items, good luck in your search:
Blouse, Old Navy (similar)
White denim shorts, Kohls (similar one here on sale for $29.99)
Bikini (matching bottom not pictured), Old Navy
Sandals, Old Navy (I told you I’m past season. these are remotely similar)
Tote, Marc Jacobs, eBay (it was one of those totes that come with a fragrance purchase, I just like the jute fabric)

Also, I wanted to show you a few photos from my Summer Pops performance over the weekend. I love that we end our season with an outdoor concert free to the community. There were cannons fired, fireworks shot into the sky, and about 25,000 happy people who love music.

summer pops 14

[ Photos via Chorus of Westerly's Facebook Page ]


[ Photo via Chris Walsh ]

The Girls With Glasses are Not Fancy


If you’ve somehow been tracking my Spotify listening history you’ll be annoyed to know that I’ve been recently obsessed with Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” and a couple dance remixes that came from it. I actually like the remixes more because I can dance with them when I’m driving alone. My favorite Girls with Glasses made their own version of Iggy’s song called “I’m Not Fancy” that all the mommas could relate to.

That hook is so catchy.

And if you want to know where to get their clothes, there you go.

[ image via ]