I’m Ready for the Weekend

Okay, now you can say Summer is on it’s way out. I feel the chill in the air first thing in the mornings and I see leaves falling to the ground already. I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes

The photo of Aiden and I was taken by my friend, whose boyfriend allowed us to sail with them to watch a part of the Schooner Race last Saturday on his sail boat. It was such a lovely gesture and I had fun despite a little seasick Aiden in the latter half of our trip. When Aiden was hanging out in the cabin he got sick and this photo was taken after I pleaded with him to put his life jacket back on and come up to sit with me so he’ll feel better. So for the last hour he just wanted hugs and I didn’t complain.

Adam and I have been fortunate to snag a little bit of extra quality time together lately and I’m loving every minute of it. A couple Saturdays ago we had drinks and swung by the I Am Festival to hear DEATH play, a few days later we caught a showing of the RiffTrax of Starship Troopers (big MST3K fan, here), and tomorrow night we’re hearing the Portland Cello Project. The PCP performed here last summer and I’m totally excited that they’re coming back again. (I also just got a notification that they started following me on Twitter, so now I’m doing an excited dance)

Here are some links that you might be interested to check out if you have free time this weekend:
– Remember when I turned a beer box into my kid’s toy storage boxes? The 6-pack bottle carriers also fit those rolls of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and more!

10 Reasons Why Your Waiter Is Judging You

House Plan Cupcakes – I killed a cactus once. These cupcakes might be able to survive under my care… wait, no, scratch that. I’d kill these cactus cupcakes too.

– Can I admit something? I find most of my interesting links from the least expected source: David Lebovitz‘s Facebook page. Yeah, he’s a food writer.

Geode String Art – this is so simple and I just so happen to have some embroidery floss in my craft supply stash so I think I’ll try to make one.

Dear parents, you need to control your kids. Sincerely, non-parents – Matt Walsh wrote an open letter to one of his fans he met in a grocery store who vehemently disagreed with his comments on a parent they saw in the store.

Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World – there are a bunch of world maps with all sorts of interesting information, such as where plants grow, what the highest paid jobs are in each U.S. state, internet usage during a 24-hour period, etc.

You guys! Have a great weekend!

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